Add More Fiber to Your Diet

Add More Fiber to Your Diet

Ever felt bloated and unsure as to why? Try adding some fiber to your life. Did you know by simply adding more fiber, you may achieve your weight loss at a quicker rate?

What is Fiber?

There are two forms of fiber that exists, soluble and insoluble fibers. Insoluble fibers are often found in foods like wheat, vegetables, nuts, beans and so on. This specific fiber cannot be digested properly by the body, but it does "help move things along." This allows you to achieve regularity in the bathroom. 

Soluble fiber, one in the body, forms into a gel which also aids digestion, blood glucose regulation, and reduces blood cholesterol levels. This form of fiber is often found in seeds, oatmeals, berries, and non-starchy vegetables. 

Fiber for Weight Loss

Since fiber cannot be easily digested, it passes through the stomach and heads straight to the large intestine. In the large intestine, there is a complex community of bacteria called the Gut Flora. The Gut Flora feeds off the fiber that could not be digested by your stomach in order to function normally. Once these bacterias absorb the fiber, it helps reduce inflammation in the body amongst other things. As some of you may understand, inflammation is a key factor in weight gain and obesity in America. By adding more fiber to your diet, the bacteria can reduce the inflammation in your body and help you shed those pounds. 

Fiber also helps you feel full and reduces your appetite. This is due to the level of viscosity inside the fiber. Viscosity is the measure of a substance's resistance to motions under an applied force. Fiber with a high level of viscosity has been shown to help the body feel full longer, reduces the appetite and in the long run helps you lose weight with ease. 

Sources of Fiber

By eating fiber-rich foods of course. Fiber is naturally found in most foods, just check the nutrition label on the back of any food product. To ensure your food is high in fiber, always check for anything with 4 grams or more of fiber. If you have a hard time locating tasty, high fiber foods, we have a simple solution for you. Here at Doctors Best Weight Loss, we have an entire collection filled with a variety of fiber-rich foods for you to chose from. 

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