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A diet without proper nutrient intake is unhealthy and dangerous. Keeping your body full of vitamins and minerals throughout your weight loss journey is crucial to success and will accelerate the process of shedding pounds. At Doctors Weight Loss, we have an arsenal of supplements to fit everyone's unique needs from multivitamins to supplement patches. Our diet support team can help you curate a supplement regimen for your specific needs to optimize your body for maximum fat-burning potential. Not only will taking supplements to increase your weight loss success, but it will also help you look and feel better. Enjoy sustained energy and vitality like never before when you supply your body with the nutrients it craves. Our private label brands ProtiWise and NutriWise offer supplement powder drinks and vitamins to ensure your body is getting the recommended daily dose of fiber and minerals, or try the popular brand PatchMD which offers supplement patches for everything from Vitamin C to B12 to Menopause relief. When you provide your body with necessary nutrients, you make sure that your weight loss efforts have the best chance for success. You don’t need to waste time and money on expensive and unnecessary doctor visits when you can get the same products here at a fraction of the cost. Our ultra-low prices, fast shipping, and money back guarantee to ensure that you will be satisfied every time you order from us, from the start of your weight-loss journey to your final weigh in! Order from us today and see why Doctors Weight Loss is the best choice for supplements.

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NutriWise - Multi-Slim Plus (30 ct)

$15.95 USD

NutriWise - Get Trim (60ct)

$39.45 USD
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NutriWise® Single Protein Shot Pink Lemonade (4-Pack Bottles)

$13.95 USD

NutriWise® Single Protein Shot Cran-Grape (4-Pack Bottles)

$13.95 USD

NutriWise® Single Protein Shot Apple (4-Pack Bottles)

$13.95 USD

NutriWise® Orange 25g Whey Protein & Collagen Shot (6-Pack Bottles)

$15.99 USD

NutriWise - KLB-5 (180ct)

$39.45 USD