IP Alternative Meal Plan High Protein Meal Plan for Just $7 Per Day!

Why choose a high-protein meal plan? Protein is an essential part of weight loss as it reduces the hunger hormone and boosts satiety hormones. Higher protein foods enable you to consume less fat and carbohydrates while nourishing and building your muscle.

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High Protein Meal Plan Just $7 Per Day!

We know you want results, but you don't want to pay a fortune! You've come to the right place, Doctors Weight Loss is here to help! There is a reason we have been the industry leader in high protein supplements for over a decade. It's because we're the best!

  • No contract! No fee, no membership, just products!
  • Fully integrated mobile app to keep track of your diet
  • NEW optional vitamins - Multi, Omega 3, D3 + K2 & Vitamin C
  • From $188 for 30-day supply of products (13 boxes)
  • High protein protocol (15g+ protein per serving)
  • Fully customizable diet
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How It Works

Customize your planFrom $150 per month. No contract!
Choose your own products.

Your plan will include 13 boxes of product and one Meal Plan PDF Guide. The program will last for 30 days and how to follow the diet properly is detailed in the PDF. You will have full control over the items in your plan, from types of foods to flavor. We've also recently added the option to purchase vitamins along with your meal plan. We have a multivitamin, probiotic, Omega-3, vitamin D + K2, and Vitamin C.

Follow the protocolWe give you all the information you need, you
just need to stick to it!

We follow a protocol similar to other popular diet programs on the market that includes Restricted and Un-Restricted products. You will be guided through the process of both choosing your meals and eating them strategically to maximize your potential for weight loss. Have additional questions? Visit our Virtual Clinic to get help from our team of healthcare professionals!

Get healthy!Watch the number on the scale drop and love
the new, healthier you!

Our high protein 30-day program is proven to help you lose weight in an easy, affordable way. By phase 2 and 3 you will be able to incorporate your own favorite healthy lunches and dinners to keep your diet fun, interesting, and most importantly - YOU!

What is the Bodysite Mobile App?

  • Chat with your Nutritionist
  • Access bonus Keto-friendly recipes
  • Easily track your food intake
  • Track your progress and document your journey
  • Integrated directly with our Keto meal plan
  • Your complete diet organizer all in one place
  • Keep track of before/after photos easily
  • Track your water intake
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*Due to our Meal Plans being heavily discounted from the start, we unfortunately can not accept returns, refunds or exchanges on any of our Meal Plans. We would highly recommend you order a stand alone product or our Best Med Value Box before committing to a meal plan to ensure the product is to your taste if you are having doubts.

How does the IP Alternative Program work?
The IP Alternative Program is a structured meal plan which outlines exactly what to eat to lose weight. The customer will consume a certain number of pre-made weight loss products everyday, along with a sensible meal. All products are formulated to be high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and low in sugar.
Why does the IP Alternative Program work? What’s the science behind it?
The average American diet consists of 250-350 grams of carbohydrates and 71 grams of added sugars per day. Carbohydrates and sugars turn to fat if not used for energy. The IP Alternative Program is formulated to have a fraction of the carbohydrates and sugars so the guesswork is taken out for the customer. The customer will have guidance on exactly what to eat everyday to achieve a lower carbohydrate and lower sugar nutrition plan which typically leads to weight loss.
Are there different phases of the program?
Yes. Each phase consists of a certain number of products consumed per day and a certain number of sensible meals consumed per day. For example, phase one includes four pre-made weight loss products (shakes, puddings, bars, snacks, soups etc.) and a sensible dinner. Phase two includes three products per day, and a sensible lunch and dinner. Phase three includes two products per day, and a sensible breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
How long do I stay in each phase?
This is entirely up to the customer. Phase one is a highly effective weight loss kick start and phase two is a little more moderate (but still effective). Phase three is the ween off/maintenance phase. On average, we recommend phase one to last between seven and 14 days. Phase two is a popular one to stay in for extended periods of time until the results have been achieved. Phase three is wonderful for long-term maintenance.
If I really enjoy being in phase two but I’m at work and it’s hard to make a sensible lunch, can I use a pre-made product for lunch instead?
Yes! Phase two can include a sensible breakfast and dinner, while using three weight loss products throughout the day. This same strategy goes for phase one as well--if you prefer having lunch or breakfast as your main meal of the day (instead of dinner) you can choose one sensible meal to make for the day and consume four pre-made weight loss products throughout the rest of the day.
How do I know what to make for the sensible meals?
The customer receives a detailed nutrition plan PDF with the program which details numerous breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.
Are the meals I have to make time consuming and/or expensive?
The majority of the meals found in the nutrition plan take less than 20 minutes to prepare and cook, and the groceries used are easy to find and moderate in price.
How does our IP Alternative Meal Plan differ from other meal plans on the market?
The IP Alternative is actually quite similar to many of the other structured meal plans on the market which use pre-made weight loss products. The biggest difference is cost--our prices are extremely competitive and less expensive than the majority of programs on the market.
What is the average weight loss each month?
We have thousands of customers who have completely different goals. Typically, if one has 40 pounds or more to lose, then the weight loss tends to be fairly fast in the beginning. Those with less weight to lose, take if off a bit more slowly and gradually. With that said, the average weight loss each month is 15 pounds.
Are there unrestricted and restricted products?
Yes. All of our products are conducive for weight loss, however, some are lower carbohydrate and lower sugar than others. We have categorized these for your convenience so you will not consume more than one “restricted” product per day. Consuming the proper amount of restricted versus unrestricted products will help to ensure that your macro-nutrients (fats, proteins, carbohydrates) are in alignment.
So, I get to choose my own products?
Yes! The IP Alternative program is a customized program, so you get to choose your favorite products.
Do I need to take vitamins on the IP Alternative Plan?
No. Our IP Alternative program is perfectly safe to follow and will not lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies in most people who do not have underlying conditions. Of course, if you have a micro-nutrient deficiency you are aware of then yes, you should supplement.
What is the daily calorie intake?
The average caloric intake for phase one is 1000-1300 calories, the average caloric intake for phase two is 1100-1400 calories, and the average caloric intake for phase three is 1300-1600 calories.
What about exercise?
Weight loss is 80 percent what goes on in the kitchen and only 20 percent exercise. You are not required to exercise to see results. Since phase one is fairly low in calories, we only recommend exercise if you feel up to it, but it is certainly not required. For phase two and three--feel free to exercise if you enjoy it but you are not required in order to get results.
Is this a high protein diet?
Yes. The IP Alternative Program is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.
Is this a Keto diet?
No. The keto diet requires at least 75 percent fat intake from the diet to achieve the metabolic state of ketosis where the liver produces ketones which results in the burning of fat for energy. Our IP Alternative Program is not 75 percent fat so ketosis will not be achieved or required for weight loss.
 ~Chris S.

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