high protein Meal PlanIt's never been easier to lose weight!

We are excited to introduce our new tiered meal plan system! You will now be able to choose between 3 plan intensities ranging from an introductory plan to a comprehensive, all-inclusive plan. Whether you are maintaining your current weight or just beginning your weight loss journey - we have a diet plan that is right for you!

Bowl of Food
INTRO PLANStarting At$1.25/meal3 NUTRIWISE PRODUCTS PER DAYPerfect for beginners—only replaces 25% of your diet!Select Plan Duration:Customize My Plan
  • Diet Guide ($30 Value)
  • Access to our mobile app
  • Available in 2 and 4 week plans
  • Fully customizable
  • Protein-packed chips
  • Quick, healthy breakfasts
  • Tasty shakes & bars
CORE PLANStarting At$1.58/meal5 NUTRIWISE PRODUCTS PER DAYMost popular! Replace 50% of your diet to achieve maximum results.Select Plan Duration:Customize My PlanEverything in the Intro Plan +
  • Morning Start Fiber Drinks
  • Get Trim supplement
  • Meal planning guidance
  • Priority access to Nutritionist
  • Minimal meal prep
  • Available in 2 and 4 week plans
  • Fully customizable
COMPLETE PLANStarting At$1.66/meal7 NUTRIWISE PRODUCTS PER DAYOur super-charged plan with everything you need to succeed.Select Plan Duration:Customize My PlanEverything in the Intro & Core Plan +
  • MultiVitamin+ PatchMD
  • Healthy high protein entrees
  • Premium access to Nutritionist
  • Health Coach assistance
  • Available in 2 and 4 week plans
  • Fully customizable
  • Ultimate variety
Bowl of Food

What is the Bodysite Mobile App?

  • Chat with your Nutritionist
  • Access bonus Keto-friendly recipes
  • Easily track your food intake
  • Track your progress and document your journey
  • Integrated directly with our Keto meal plan
  • Your complete diet organizer all in one place
  • Keep track of before/after photos easily
  • Track your water intake
Not sure which plan is right for you?

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*Due to our Meal Plans being heavily discounted from the start, we unfortunately can not accept returns, refunds or exchanges on any of our Meal Plans. We would highly recommend you order a stand alone product or our Best Med Value Box before committing to a meal plan to ensure the product is to your taste if you are having doubts.

How do I get started?
You can simply start by creating an account with us, and receiving 100 DocDollar points just by doing so!We then have three options when you are ready to purchase:
  • Option 1: Purchase a structured meal plan (link to page)
  • Option 2: Shop for products a la carte (link to page)
  • Option 3: Try us out and purchase a value sample box (link to page)
How do I apply my DocDollars?
  1. Click on account in the right-hand corner of the website
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Click on the DocDollar tab, on the bottom right-hand corner of the page
  4. A “Redeem Gift Card” pop up will appear on your screen
  5. Once you’ve selected the Gift Card you would like to redeem, the points will be taken from your account and a Gift Card Code will appear on the screen
  6. Please copy and paste this code at checkout to receive this value off your order
  7. If you loose your screen, don’t worry, go back to Redeem Gift Card and scroll to the bottom of your Gift Cards. All redeemed Gift Card codes will appear here.
  8. Remember if the total goes below $79, you will no longer qualify for shipping
What is the difference between Nutriwise, Protiwise, BestMed?

The Nutriwise brand is specifically formulated to help patients reach their weight loss goals. Hospitals and weight loss clinics around the world use Nutriwise products to help their patients lose weight and feel great.

The Protiwise brand is the brand we use for our IP Alternative Meal Plan (Link meal plan please). It is high in fiber and protein, while remaining low in carbohydrates and sugar.

The BestMed brand is found in many weight loss clinics nationwide and is used by many physicians as their protocol for their patients.

We suggest you compare nutritional values when deciding on which brand is best for you.

How do I check my DocDollar balance?
Need to see how many points you have? It’s simple, just go under the “Account” tab on the upper right hand side of the website and your available points will be shown here.Once you are signed into your account, the DocDollar tab on the bottom right hand corner of the website, will display your point balance.
How do I reset my password?
If you forget your password or need to reset your password. Just click on the “Lost your password?” tab found on the login page. Enter your email address and hit submit. You will receive a link via email to reset your password. Be sure to check your spam folders if you do not see it in your primary inbox.
Where do I start?
Not sure where to start? We recommend starting by purchasing one of our Value Boxes (link to Value Boxes) which includes 12 of our best selling products from that particular brand.
How do I refer a friend?
If you’re looking to refer a friend, here is the link to get started (link to refer friend).Simply copy your link at the bottom of the page, and start sharing.
What is the Bodysite Mobile App and how do I access it?

The BodySite App allows you to track your food and water intake, and chat with your health coach. It also offers you a way to keep track of before/after photos, track your progress and document your journey.

Once you purchase a Meal Plan (link to meal pans) you will get an email notification stating you have been enrolled in a new health and weight loss program.Be sure to check your spam folders you don’t see it in your primary box.

If you are accessing your email from your phone, click on “My Program” within the email to get started.

You will be prompted to download the free app “BodySite Lifestyle Guide” to your phone. Once downloaded, you will need to create a username and password.

If you are accessing from your email on your desktop computer, click on “My Program” and you will be directed to the BodySite website. You will need to create a username and password.

Do you have coupon codes available?
Find our current Coupon Codes and Discounts here
How does your program work?
Doctor’s Weight Loss is your one-stop-shop for all things diet. We have a variety of brands to suit all needs and taste, which includes three of our most popular brands Nutriwise, Protiwise, Bestmed. Not only do we supply high-quality, medical grade weight loss supplements and customizable meal plans, we are here to give you professional counseling as well.
How much does it cost per a month?
No contract, no fee and no membership!Although many weight loss clinics require a contract when joining a program, we want to make this process as easy and affordable as possible. Our goals is to help as many individuals as possible.
 ~Chris S.

"NutriWise is the best diet brand I have ever found. I can't get over how good the food tastes! The meal plan system has been so easy to follow and I have lost more weight in a month than I had my entire time dieting before this!"

 ~Angela M.

"For the price, you can't beat this plan. I have tried other meal plan programs in the past that are so expensive - but they are the same products! I have saved thousands since switching to Doctors Best."

 ~Mark D.

“I really wasn't sure what to expect from this diet kit - but I am so glad I gave it a try. It was easy to follow and I never got hungry. I was able to maintain the plan for the whole month and ended up losing 13 pounds! Thank you!!!”

 ~Sharon S.

"I look better and have more energy at 50 than I did at 30! Starting this NutriWise diet plan has done more than just help me lose weight - it's really changed my life!"