Spring Cleaning: Clean Out Your Pantry

Spring Cleaning: Clean Out Your Pantry

Time for Spring Cleaning!

Now that the new season has arrived time to start removing the toxins in your life. Specifically, the toxins from your diet.

What to throw away

It may be hard to choose what to throw away and what to keep in your pantry. But with our help, we will provide you with a spring cleaning guide on what not to keep in your pantry. Throwing out the toxins is easy. By throwing away unhealthy food choices you are taking the first step in bettering your habits. Remove the temptation and replace it with healthier alternatives, and you will notice the positive changes in your body.

Junk Food & Unhealthy Snacks

Time to remove those artificially flavored snacks from your pantry and say no more to refined added sugars! By removing unhealthy substances and temptation from your life, you are keeping junk out of sight and out of mind. Replace those candy bars with protein bars, gummy snacks for a daily multivitamin, fattening potato chips for protein crisps, and so on. By replacing your unhealthy snacks for healthier alternative snacks, you are taking a necessary step in improving your lifestyle and well-being.

Sugary Cereals

Many favorite breakfasts portions of cereal promote themselves as healthy due to containing “natural fruit flavors” and is said to contain “whole grains”. But it contains high amounts of sugar to keep the kids and most adults coming back for more. By removing this from your pantry you are not only changing your eating habits but your child’s habits as well. Anything that is frosted, containing marshmallows, or looks like a cookie soaked in milk should not be eaten every morning. Replace these sugary cereals with other breakfast alternatives. Diet friendly cereals, oatmeal, protein fruit bowls or homemade eggs are the best alternatives to starting your day right.

Pancake Syrup

All that sugar in the morning may give you an energy boost, but is it actually good for you? Did you know a ¼ cup of your favorite pancake syrup contains about 32 grams of sugar? We all know we put way more than that on our pancakes. Not only does it contain a lot of sugar but it contains high fructose syrup, caramel coloring, and artificial flavors. These ingredients have been linked to health problems such as weight gain, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. It is better off removed from your pantry. Natural clover honey can be a great alternative.


Soda can affect your body in ways that you can’t believe, even “diet” soda. It does not help those trying to lose weight or preparing for weight loss surgery. Artificial sweeteners found in most sodas can trigger your body to produce insulin. Insulin is the chemical needed to store fat, which makes it more difficult for you to burn fat. Removing soda from your pantry and your life is a great way to promote a household lifestyle change and weight loss. Drinking water is a healthy, cheap alternative. But if you like many need an extra flavor to your cool water, check out some of our diet cold drink mixes to enhance your water.

Energy Drinks

If you think soda has enough sugar, look at the nutrition facts on the back of popular energy drinks. Though there is not enough evidence to proof energy drinks are detrimental to one’s health, it still contains high amounts of sugar and caffeine. In an interview with CNN, sports cardiologist Dr. John Higgins states “energy drinks not only have been shown to raise stress levels, increase heart rate, increase blood pressure, they’ve also been shown to make the blood a little thicker.” If you are an avid energy drink consumer, you will notice your heart rate does increase after a drink. If you have any heart issues be careful with energy drinks. Lowering your intake, drinking energy alternatives, or just cutting it out completely may be a healthier choice.

White Bread

Carbs, carbs, carbs, we love it but too much of it is not helping you lose weight. White bread is a carb that can be found in most households across the country. Believe it or not, white bread is a bad carb. It contains little nutritional value and excess calories due to its flour being refined. According to Medical News Today, refined flour does not contain most fiber, vitamins, and mineral that were originally in the grain. If you have a gluten intolerance avoiding white bread and other gluten-filled products is a must. Luckily we have snacks and products on our site that are gluten free and tasty.

Canned Soups & Pastas

Now that we're in spring and the flowers are in bloom, its time to switch up our lunch and dinner choices. Winter weather means hot drinks and hot soups, the spring season calls for iced drinks and delicious healthier lunch alternatives. But if you're like me and loves soups any time of the year lets be cautious of the types of soups we're eating. Always look at those nutrition facts when shopping for canned soups and pasta at your local grocery store. They more than likely contain high amounts of sodium. You can always choose the reduced sodium canned foods or try our healthy soup alternatives instead.

BBQ Sauce

Though it may taste amazing you have to be knowledgeable of the contents that make up your favorite condiment. We as people with taste buds love the extra flavor BBQ and other sauces provide but we may not notice how it can affect our weight loss habits. According to the Food Network, popular sauces average anywhere from 45 to 70 calories for a two-tablespoon serving due to its high amounts of sugar and salt. Opting out or reducing the amount of BBQ you consume can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Spring Time is here and that means another goal to achieve. Challenge yourself by opting out of an unhealthy diet and move towards healthier alternatives. Diet is important when it comes to weight loss and overall health, and we’re here to help you achieve your health goals. Check out our online store filled with diet-friendly snacks, meals, and supplements that will keep you on track to lose weight.

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