S'mores Ice Cream

by Daniel Mejias on August 03, 2017

S'mores Ice Cream

Prep Time
5-10 mins
1 Servings

Make yourself a deliciously delightful treat on a hot summer day, in the comfort of your own home. Treat yourself to the decadence of an S'mores ice cream, with only 240 low calories and 23 grams of high-quality protein. We've reimagined homemade ice cream to fit all your dietary needs.



  1. In a blender, crush ice cubes to achieve an icy/slushy consistency.
  2. Add the pudding and water and blend until a smooth, icy consistency is reached.
  3. Remove from blender and put into a bowl.
  4. Mix in the chopped bar and stir so pieces are distributed throughout icy pudding.
  5. Serve immediately (for a softer treat) or freeze for 30 minutes (for a harder, icy texture), serve.


Calories 240 • Protein 27g • Carbohydrate 23g • Fat 6g • Fiber 6g

Exchanges Per Serving

Meat 1/2 • Milk 1 • Starch 1