Four Tips for Your Next Grocery Shopping Trip

Four Tips for Your Next Grocery Shopping Trip

Going to the grocery store can be a little confusing (and even scary!) when you're trying to reach your weight loss goals. It's no help that 90 percent of everything found in the supermarket are problematic when it comes to maintaining proper weight and health. The foods that you keep stocked in your house will have major influence regarding your weight loss results (que the 10pm ice cream cravings), so the shopping you do at the grocery store is critical for your success. Below are my top four tips for goals-driven food buying.

1. Make a Healthy List and Stick to It

How many impulse buys do you make at the checkout line? You know--the one dollar candy bars and other goodies! Those can be so tempting and happen on a whim and then you will most likely be subject to a light night chocolate extravaganza (yes, that can be fun but you won't like the scale in the morning). Before leaving for the supermarket, make a list of only healthy foods and go by the rule of what is on the list, only goes in the cart. Also, have that week's healthy meals outlined and use the grocery list as your primary guide for your next week's nutrition plan.

2. Shop When You Have Time

If you're rushing after work and need to throw somethin together to get the kids fed and then homework done, you may just grab whatever convenience items you find such as frozen pizza. I'm not going to lie--shopping and prepping for healthy meals takes a bit of time and effort but your health, and the health of your family is worth it!

3. Shop the Perimeter of the Store

You have probably noticed that the inner aisles of the grocery store contain all of the processed foods and many sweets. You will find your fresh produce, seafood, poultry, meat, eggs, yogurt, nuts, and seeds on the other perimeter of most standard stores. My own rule is that I don't even set foot into the center aisles unless I'm looking for something specific that may be located there--soups and bottled water, for example. 

4. Do Your Research on Specialty Stores

It is popular misconception that large mainstream grocery chains and the cheapest and have the most variety. It is actually quite the opposite--I have found that the largest chains tend to be moderately expensive and are over run with unhealthy packaged foods, while providing mediocre produce and proteins. One of my favorite specialty stores is Trader Joe's and it has expanded to 42 states! They are considerably less expensive that typical stores, offer unique foods, and tend to have a larger majority of healthy fare. 

Grocery shopping for fresh foods such as green veggies, fruits, sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds, eggs, yogurt, and quality proteins is one of the best ways to combat weight gain. Of course, it can be realistic to not have time to prepare every single meal in this manner--it can be downright impossible with busy schedules of work and family. If you're trying to drop the weight, but only have time to cook one meal per day, our Doctor's Best Weight Loss Pre-Made Meal Plans may be the ticket for you--check them out here!




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