Four Ways to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Four Ways to Eat Healthy While Traveling

If you're a globetrotter or business traveler, it may be even more difficult for someone with your schedule to maintain optimal nutrition. A fast-paced lifestyle, with all of those tempting foods in restaurants, airports, and convenience stores make food on-the-go a potential diet disaster! Here are four tips to make your traveling nutrition plan one that will promote your weight loss and wellness goals. 

1. Scope Out Your Options

The healthier food movement has now officially trickled into most sectors of society...even into airports and train stations. Though they are still laden with chips, candy, and ice cream, airport convenience stores do have healthy options. In my past few airport travels I have seen snack packs with hard boiled eggs, nuts, vegetables, and hummus. I have even noticed baskets of fresh fruit, vegan salads, chicken salads, and tuna salads that are premade for convenience to grab quickly before your flight. 

2. Pack Your Own Food

Yes, this does take a little more time and dedication but the results can be so worth it. When you pack your food, you know exactly what ingredients lie in your lunch, and having healthy snacks on hand will prevent going into starvation mode which can lead to an unhealthy splurge. Airport security does allow you to bring your own snacks but if you're traveling to another country, check out the guidelines as some produce or food that isn't prepackaged in a wrapper may be prohibited. When I fly, I always have a stash of nuts, chia seed bars, and low sugar fruits (for domestic travel). To see our easy, convenient, and healthy snack foods that can be taken on your next flight, click here! 

3. Modify that Menu!

Restaurants found in airports or your hotel will always have a healthy option, even if you have to modify the menu. You may be wondering--how does one modify a restaurant's menu? It's simple. Let's say a meal comes with chicken, mashed potatoes, and carrots. Simply ask them to sub out those high-glycemic mashed potatoes and replace them with green veggies and if you're really on a mission, replace those carrots (cooked carrots are a bit higher in sugar than other options) with a simple side salad topped with oil and vinegar. 

4. Always Carry a Bottle of Water

Good old H2O is a primary staple of staying fit and you really need to stay hydrated, especially when on the road. Not to mention, sometimes when we are thirsty, our brain can signal that we are hungry by mistake, leading to excess calories consumed when all we really needed was a big gulp of water. If you need your caffeine in the morning, unsweetened coffee or tea will do!

Yes, there can be some added challenges with regard to adhering to your nutrition plan while on the road. One of the biggest challenges is being faced with so many delicious (and unhealthy) options, but the good news is there are now so many weight-friendly alternatives. Following these four tips will definitely help to ensure that you'll hit your goals even when you're on-the-go. 



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