How to Still Enjoy Sweets While Losing Weight

How to Still Enjoy Sweets While Losing Weight

Cutting refined sugars out of your diet is one of the keys to successful weight loss. Most medical professionals agree that keeping unnecessary sugars out of your diet is great for your overall health. However, telling yourself that you will never enjoy a chocolate chip cookie ever again is a promise no one can keep: You can still enjoy sweets while losing weight! And you shouldn't have to! While you may want to keep the "cheat days" spare, enjoying one cupcake won't make your body break the scale overnight. There are also alternatives that can help you satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing too many calories or too many grams of sugar.

Below are six ways you can still enjoy sweets while losing weight

1 - Schedule your Treat Day

Many people find it incredibly difficult to resist sweets. If you are one of those people, schedule a weekly or bi-weekly date that will allow you to indulge in one sweet treat. You can either treat yourself to a very small treat once a week or a full treat once a month. Having a scheduled treat day will give you something to look forward to instead of always feeling deprived of fun, sweet foods. Try to pick out the treat beforehand as well, so that you don't overindulge when the 3rd Saturday of every month comes around.

2 - Go for Flavor

Keep in mind that when you are craving something, you are looking for a particular flavor. No one ever really says "I'm craving four slices of a double layered cake". Think about what your favorite flavors are and portion your treat around that. If you're craving a fruity treat, have a small strawberry smoothie. If you're craving chocolate, enjoy a small serving of chocolate covered almonds. Keep in mind that there is such a thing as finding a balance between your healthy eating habits and eating your favorite foods.

3 - On Special Occasions

Birthdays, weddings, holiday parties, family gatherings… these are all special events that mark our lives with incredible memories. These occasions are also usually filled with enough sweets to last your tummy a few days. If you are trying to lose weight, you don't have to be a party pooper and decline a thin slice of cake. These events don't happen often, so it's okay to let yourself enjoy a sweet treat only on special occasions. Remember that laying bed watching Netflix is NOT considered a special occasion.

4 - Alternatives

There are plenty of foods that satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping it healthy. Brands like Doctors Best Weight Loss and NutriWise offer diet desserts like pudding, chocolate cake, and soft baked brownies, having less than 130 calories and 5 grams of sugar per serving. Invite a friend over to make a special evening out of baking these treats and enjoy baking them as much as you enjoy eating them.

5 - Sharing is Caring

Yes, include your friends in your treat days. You will not only be the best friend or family member someone could ever hope for but you are simultaneously cutting your calories in half. If you have a sudden craving, ask a friend if he or she would like to join you for a cup of frozen yogurt. Try ordering just one serving and sharing the delight. The treat will feel rewarding and guiltless. Your skinny jeans will also thank you for not putting them under so much stress.

6 - Boost Up your Exercise Routine

Sometimes, we overindulge. Maybe that sundae was just too delicious to share with someone else. No need for a pity party. Weight loss requires a lot of positive thinking, and shaming yourself for those few extra calories won't solve anything. If you have consumed too much sugar, try amping your workout for one week. Your body will naturally use the sugar as energy, making it more likely to be burned off instead of storing it as fat.

Now you know. Don't overdo it, but remember these tips so you can indulge in your favorite treats and enjoy sweets while losing weight.

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