Summer Time Fun*

Summer Time Fun*

*That will not break your diet*

Summer is here and in full effect! Now is the time to get out and do things with your loved ones. But for those of you who are sticking to a strict diet, this can be difficult as you may be surrounded by temptation. We've compiled our best advice to make sure your summer is fun for everyone without causing a rift in your diet plans. 

Get Up & Get Active


For some getting active can prove to be rather difficult, so it's okay to start out slow. Start with a walk around the neighborhood with a friend or family member. Turn the walk into a nature walk, admire your surroundings and make a game out of walking around the neighborhood. If you are a natural-born explorer, we recommend traveling to places that will require you to walk around and learn. Take a trip to a historic district and learn more about your hometown while enjoying the nice summer day. Or if you live near the mountainous region, literally go and take a hike. 

If you live near a body of water, swimming is a great way to get active as it can be a form of resistance training and cardio. If swimming is not your forte, you can also use a kayak or a paddle boat to get some form of exercise in on a hot day. Spend a day at the beach, local swimming hole or the lake. If you are a frequent attendee of these places, explore new places to take a dip in. For example, if you are a local South Floridian the beach is where you would usually spend your time. That can become rather repetitive and boring after a while. Try traveling to a Florida Natural Spring and enjoy a day there. Maybe swim with manatees or dolphins. 

If you are further along in your fitness journey and are able to withstand longer periods of exercise, sports can be a fun way to get your fitness in. Don't just watch the FIFA World Cup championship, get some friends together and becomes your own version of France vs Croatia. Or play basketball and transform into LeBron James on the court. Play football with some friends, choose between tackle, touch, or flag to keep everyone comfortable while you play. Or try a different sport: cricket, rugby if you want to learn something new. 

Experiencing a new form of exercise may be your ticket in finding a breakthrough in finding out what you love. There are many people who try new sports or sign up for certain sports clubs for a sense of community and end up transforming themselves into their dream persona. Fall in love with the sport, make friends and become a newer and better you by going out and trying new things.  

Try Something New



 This can mean trying a new sport, vacation spot or just getting out of your comfort zone. Try something that is not considered your average everyday sport. Zorbing is a great example of an unusual sports game everyone may have some fun with. For those who are unaware of what zorbing is, let me break it down: It's a giant hamster ball. Roll around with your friends and family like your pets. 

Or if you are more into your technology that fitness, get out and catch 'em all. Pokemon Go and other interactive games is a great way to get outdoors. Just be aware of your surroundings and have fun in nature while playing virtual zookeeper. 

Try Some New (Healthy) Food


Experience change can be scary and so can be trying something new. But for all the adrenaline junkies and curious cats out there, you may be of interest. Try eating at a restaurant you've never been to before. Just remember to be health-conscious of the choices you're making. When we say try a new restaurant, we don't mean the new fast food place that opened around the corner. Try something that can fit your diet. 

Or look up healthy and unique recipes online that will bring the whole family into the kitchen and at the dinner table. Cooking with a loved one can be pretty fun and a messy ordeal, in the end, it can become a great bonding experience. Or have a PotLuck party with your friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Invite them over to bring over their favorite healthy dish to keep everyone feeling good while they mingle. 

Or order something different on our website. We know some of our customers have a set of lists of products they buy every time. You know who you are. But why not try something a little different for a change. We have such a large variety of weight loss products waiting for the picking, why not try something new. Try items from our gluten-free diet or pick a brand you've never tried before. Or just spice up your favorite Doctors Best Weight Loss Product. Look at our recipes to try something new and delicious with the products you love. Like our ProtiWise snacks.



Keeping a diet is great when there are a variety of healthy picks to choose from. Explore our product list now and find something you may fall in love with later. 


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