5 Important Lifestyle Habits for Weight Loss

5 Important Lifestyle Habits for Weight Loss

We all know that proper nutrition and exercise will assist with weight loss and wellness efforts. What may not be as obvious are the lifestyle habits that one should follow in order to assist with effective nutrition and exercise practices. Essentially, if one doesn't have certain routines, weight loss may be unlikely to follow as these routines facilitate good diet and activity. Below are five important lifestyle habits that will make shedding the pounds that much easier.

1. Fill Your Shopping Cart with Healthy Foods

I don't know about you but it seems like when the clock strikes 9pm, I want to eat all of the bad stuff--you know, things like ice cream, potato chips, and chocolate. If I don't have access to these junk foods and they are not readily available in my kitchen then I'm less likely to crave them as I know they aren't around. If you still think you may need to satisfy that late night craving, try stocking up on dark chocolate, berries or our tasty low-carb and low-sugar desserts found here.

2. Get a Buddy

Odds are that you know of someone who is looking to reach some goals, just as you are! When you team up with someone who has the same frame of mind and who wants the same results, teamwork makes the process much more enjoyable. Keeping each other accountable by checking in, sending healthy food pics and recipes, and being a shoulder to lean on during frustration can be most beneficial for success. Not to mention, when you surround yourself with others who want to eat nutritious foods and get to the gym, you'll be less likely to deter from your plan.

3. Get Professional Help

Hiring a nutritionist can be expensive but the good news is, Doctor's Best Weight Loss offers complimentary nutrition services to help you achieve your goals. Yes, you read that right--complimentary! Check out the details here.

4. Put it Out in the Universe

Don't be shy--tell everyone your goals! Let your family and friends know, not only for acccountability by stating your intentions, but also so they can root you on. While having a casual conversation over coffee with a coworker and he or she asks if you want a pastry, tell your coworker about your plan, and who knows--maybe you'll gain a new workout partner? People are far more likely to achieve goals and success when they make a statement and put it out there for everyone to know.

5. Be an example.

A common question I get is, my family won't eat healthy foods so what will I do at dinner? This can be tricky as making two different meals for different people in your household is time consuming and expensive. Be an example by incorporating just one healthy side dish that your family normally won't eat. For example, let's say chicken is your protein (which is very weight loss friendly) but you normally pair the chicken with weight gaining pasta or mashed potatoes, and a salad drenched in ranch dressing. Simply add some broccoli to the side dish choices to ease in a better choice while not completely rocking the worlds of your loved ones. Replace that ranch dressing with some oil and vinegar. Show everyone how you're making a couple of easy and sensible swaps to achieve your goals and they just might join in. Still skeptical that this will work? Check out our low-carb pasta dishes here so no one is missing out on old favorites! 

Like I mentioned earlier, weight loss isn't all about paying attention to calories and hitting the gym. It's also frame of mind and using strategies that will make proper nutrition easier to follow. Employing these five simple tactics above will be sure to make your weight loss and wellness efforts that much easier. 



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