Strawberry Diet Protein Shake Product Spot Light

Strawberry Diet Protein Shake Product Spot Light

If you grew up with Nestle Strawberry Quick and you’re feeling some nostalgia but don’t want to sabotage your weight loss goals, you’ll want to try out this week’s product spot light, our Nutriwise Strawberry Diet Protein Shake. This creamy strawberry treat is low in calories, high in protein, and low in sugar, and you can easily take it on the go for a quick breakfast or mid-day snack. An added benefit, just one serving gives you 35 percent of your daily required intake of calcium!

This strawberry shake can be prepared in one minute by simply adding some cold water. Now if you’re in the mood for more of a dessert, as opposed to a beverage, merely cut the amount of added water in half and you will have a delicious pudding. Not to mention, you can get creative and make some parfaits by adding different fruits, nuts, or even granola to your pudding mix. See below for a snapshot of more product highlights, and to order your Strawberry Diet Protein Shake or Pudding, click here. 


Product High Lights:

High Protein - 15 grams Per Serving

Low Calorie - 90 Per Serving

Low Carb - 6 grams Per Serving

Low Sugar - 1 gram Per Serving

Fat Free

Option for Shake or Pudding

One-Minute Prep Time


At Doctor’s Weight Loss, we know that our diet shakes can be instrumental in weight loss success, not only because they are specially formulated with the macronutrients you need, but also because they are convenient and have delicious taste that satisfy your cravings. Since we want you to have variety of products in your nutrition plan, in addition to our creamy strawberry flavor, we have a large selection of other Nutriwise shakes and puddings including vanilla, chocolate, banana, cheesecake, mocha, and coffee. Check them out here! 

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