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We offer suitable and delicious foods formulated for dieters before and after bariatric and weight loss surgery. Our products will both prepare for and promote a healthy recovery post-op, allowing the body to heal and help lose weight. Our wide variety of high protein foods include shakes, bars, puddings, soups, cereals, crackers, omelets, oatmeal, pastas, stews, casseroles, and more! Low in sugar and fat, these foods are specifically formulated to assist you during each stage of your weight loss surgery journey. Your stomach will be allowed to heal without being stretched by the foods you eat as our portions are designed so that your stomach can digest safely and comfortably. In addition, our products will help you lose weight and avoid complications from surgery, all without sacrificing the delicious foods you have always loved.
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Bariatric Friendly Products (12)

Chicken Alfredo Pasta Diet Entree (7/Box) - NutriWise


Creamy Chicken Pasta Diet Entree (7/Box) - NutriWise


Chocolate Meal Replacement Protein Shake (7/Box) - NutriWise


Vanilla Meal Replacement Protein Shake (7/Box) - NutriWise


Strawberry Meal Replacement Protein Shake (7/Box) - NutriWise


Chocolate Protein Diet Wafers (5/Box) - ProtiWise


VHP Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake (7/Box) - ProtiWise


VHP Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake (7/Box) - ProtiWise


VHP Strawberry Meal Replacement Shake (7/Box) - ProtiWise


Chocolate Protein Wafer Bar (7/Box) - ProtiDiet


Vanilla Protein Wafer Bar (7/Box) - ProtiDiet


Peanut Protein Wafer Bar (7/Box) - ProtiDiet