5 Tips to Lose Baby Weight

5 Tips to Lose Baby Weight

Congrats New Mommy! You have just completed a very large milestone in your life. For some, this is a crowning achievement that men cannot do themselves. Now that your little bundle of joy is here, its time to get back to your pre-pregnancy body. We've compiled five tips on how to lose the baby weight fast. 

1. Change Up Your Diet

After giving birth, you will immediately notice that your baby bump does not disappear on its own. It takes time to lose all that baby weight, for some it even takes years on end. This proves to be rather difficult, especially for mothers with busy schedules. By simply adjusting your diet, this is the first step to achieving the weight loss goals you have set for yourself. Many recommend a high protein or low carb diet to help mothers rid of the stubborn baby fat. Before jumping on a new diet, be sure to consult your physician to ensure you are ready to try a new diet plan.

For those who cannot find the time to plan meals and cook them all with a new baby on the hip, we have a solution for you. With our customizable meal plans, we do all the work for you. Just pick your favorite products, create it with our simple cooking instructions and enjoy high-quality diet food at low affordable prices. 

2. Breastfeed (if you can)

This tip all depends on the mother's ability to nurse or the child's ability to latch. But you are breastfeeding, keep it up. Did you know breastfeeding can help a mother shed weight? Breastfeeding babies need around 800 calories in order to grow and develop properly. In order to receive those nutrients, it is taken from the mother's body. This is main reason doctors stress to new mothers to watch what they are eating and avoid unhealthy habits. No drinking alcoholic beverages, drug use, or junk food for the benefit of yourself and your little one. 

3. Exercise

After you are given the okay by your physicians, new mothers should start exercising immediately to shed the baby weight. High-intensity workout, cardio, low intensity, yoga, or whatever get you active can promote optimal weight loss results. Some mothers feel overwhelmed with a new baby and don't often wander to the gym. If this is the case for you, you can always exercise indoors with the help of your little one. Use your child as a lightweight while you squat, do sit-ups until they are able to make it to the gym. But take your time and understand your limits when it comes to working out. No need to gain an injury. 

4. Snack the Right Way

For some, it can be harder to stop snacking, especially if there is no time to eat a full meal thanks to the constant attention a newborn needs. Removing the unhealthy snacks from your household not only removes the temptation from your life but from your partner's life as well. Replace yourself snacks with healthier snack alternatives. Instead of candy bars, eat protein bars. Instead of chips, eat fruits, veggies, or high protein chips. 

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is extremely important when it comes to losing weight. New mothers, especially if nursing, feel extremely thirsty throughout the day. Our bodies, regardless of pregnancy, often confuse the feeling of hunger with dehydration. You may just need a glass of water rather than a plate of food. Water is the simple solution to help keep hunger at bay. 

Stay away from sugary drinks or sodas, all that sugar will not help you during your weight loss journey. If you want to spice up the bland taste of water, add sugar-free drink mixes or fruits to create a detox. 

All in all, with the proper diet and exercise combination you can achieve optimal post-pregnancy weight loss. Motivation and determination are important when it comes to sticking to a weight loss plan. We understand how hard it can be with a new baby to stay on track. We have a solution for you! We have created a whole category of products you can have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to help you revert back to your pre-pregnancy body. Browse through our large variety of products and order today! 

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