Product Spot Light: Free Dietary Consultation with Our In-House Nutritionist

Product Spot Light: Free Dietary Consultation with Our In-House Nutritionist

Are you struggling with weight loss because you're just not sure what to eat to see results? Have you put off making a lifestyle change because you don't feel as if you'll make the right dietary choices that will help you lose the pounds? At Doctor's Best Weight Loss, not only do we offer a large variety of delicious medical-grade weight loss products, we help to guide you through your journey with individualized  assistance from our in-house nutritionist...and the best part is, your first 20-minute consultation is free and with no obligation. 

During your 20-minute call, your personal nutritionist will ask you a series of diet-related questions to understand more about your background, struggles, successes, and future goals. Following gathering this information, you will receive a comprehensive package of suggested caloric and macronutrient intake, dietary and food recommendations, grocery lists, meal plans, and suggested products that are tailored to meet your needs. And of course, if you have any immediate questions following the receipt of your nutrition documents, you will have direct access to your nutritionist for any follow-up questions. Should you decide that you would like extended coaching from the comfort of your own home, we offer additional packages of nutrition consulting to help with your weight loss journey.

With the help of a personalized nutritionist to formulate meal plans, make suggestions of habits to change, and to check in with for accountability, the odds of weight loss achievement will increase to 70 percent, on average. You can schedule your first appointment on any day of the week, and you will have a variety of time slots to choose from to accommodate your busy schedule. For more information about your complimentary call, click here for more information!





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