IP Alternative 30-Day Program Spotlight

IP Alternative 30-Day Program Spotlight

We are excited to announce our new IP Alternative 30-Day Program which helps you transform your body in little as one month! Maybe you have a special event coming up, or perhaps you would just like to kick start your weight loss with noticeable results in as little time as possible. Of course, we all know that when we see quick results, that motivation is often what pushes us to move forward and achieve even greater success. If you’re looking for a structured program with everything laid out in terms of what to eat and when in order to lose the pounds, then the IP Alternative might be for you!

So let’s talk about the basics of how it works. Like I mentioned previously, this 30-day protocol is broken up into three stages. Stage one lasts for 14 days, Stage two lasts for seven days, and stage three makes up your final seven days. Before you start the 30 days, you will hand select your own Protiwise products--foods such as easy-to-make and convenient shakes, puddings, soups, oatmeal, cereals, snacks, and desserts. You will receive 91 units of food which will be used accordingly:

Stage One: 4 products per day for 14 days

Stage Two: 3 products per day for 7 days

Stage Three: 2 products per day for 7 days

During stage one, you will also make your own sensible dinner. In stage two, you will make your own sensible lunch and dinner, and in stage three, you will make your own sensible breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You may be wondering--what is a “sensible” meal? The opinions on this topic may differ and one may be left wondering if the meals he/she is cooking are assisting with weight loss, or merely sabotaging the results. Because of this, our in-house nutritionist has formulated an exact meal plan that assists you with every stage so there is no guesswork on your end. This nutrition assistance comes along as a free service that accompanies our IP Alternative 30-day program. In fact, you will even be given access to a complimentary 20-minute consultation with our nutritionist, and you will have email access to her as well, if any questions should arise while you are in the middle of your 30-day program.

The best part is, your 30 days of products (91 units of food), meal plan, and one-on-one assistance from our nutritionist are only $150 for the month--that’s $5 per day!  You can see all details if you click here, and an added benefit, you can schedule your complimentary nutrition consultation before you sign up for the IP Alternative just to make sure the program is right for you, with no obligation--it’s a win-win!

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