7 Strategies to Lose the Weight!

7 Strategies to Lose the Weight!

Let’s face it--many of us know what it takes to lose the pounds. We know what we should be eating and doing to see the progress we are looking for, but it’s easier said than done, right? Instead of giving you food and nutrition-based tips in today’s blog post, below are seven actual strategies that may help with the mental hurdles that are sometimes in the way of achieving our weight loss goals.

1. Focus on that day you decided it was time for change.

Most of us have that memory of when we decided enough was enough and it was time to make a change with our eating habits. Where were you when you made this conscious decision and what prompted your desire for change? Write down this memory and have it as a reminder if you ever get tempted to give up on your resolutions.

2. Get a buddy.

Challenge loves company so find someone who has some of the same goals you have. Checking in with each other for accountability and even finding solace in each others’ gripes can do wonders. When tackling a challenge, it’s best to surround yourself with others who have the same goals and efforts in mind.

3. Don’t feel as if you have to exercise to see results.

Countless numbers of people who want to lose weight never even pull the trigger because of the daunting thought of being forced to hit the gym. Guess what--weight loss is 80 percent nutrition and only 20 percent working out. Exercise may expedite your progress, however, it only fine tunes the work you put in the kitchen. Essentially, you do not have to work out to lose the pounds so if the thought of joining a gym is what is stopping you dead in your tracks, don’t sweat it (no pun)--just focus on good nutrition and you’ll be sure to see progress.

4. Be prepared.

The workplace is, typically, a junk food haven. Office donuts, cookies, chips, sodas, and candy vending machines are incredibly tempting, especially when you’re hungry. Not to mention, unhealthy snacking may be the majority in your office so the “everybody’s doing it” attitude adds to the temptation of giving in. Not being hungry can be the most effective way of combating the weight gaining food that’s in your workplace. It only takes five minutes to put together a healthy snack pack that will keep your hunger satiated and blood sugar levels even—items like hard-boiled eggs, raw nuts, vegetables dipped in mashed avocado, Greek yogurt, low sugar fruits, and healthy dinner left overs are your best bet. Not to mention, when you leave for the work day with the intention of sticking to your plan and thus being prepared, you are more likely to see success.

5. Gauge your results.

Let’s face it, weight loss can be a bit of an experiment sometimes and with all experiments, you need to track your progress to see what is (and isn’t) working. This opinion I’m about to state may not be popular with everyone in the fitness and weight loss circles but it is one that I live by, even for my own results. Weighing yourself a couple of times per week will let you know if you’re achieving the progress you’re looking for. I’m not saying to be a slave to the scale but if your goal is to lose 20 pounds then, in my opinion, it’s best to see where you stand on a regular basis. I know of many who have gone weeks without a weigh-in and then come to find that no progress has been made after a lot of time wasted. If after a couple of days, you haven’t seen the scale move (or maybe it has moved in the wrong direction), it’s time to nip it in the bud and make an adjustment to your nutrition plan.

6. Step off the wagon--don’t fall.

If you maintain balanced nutrition on a regular basis then splurging occasionally will not hurt your goals as long as you return to your good habits immediately after the splurge. Also, if you plan your splurges ahead of time, you will be nutritionally prepared to afford your treat. If you know you’re going to a restaurant on Friday night that has your favorite chocolate torte then be sure to stick to your nutrition plan on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and enjoy your night out on Friday. Once Saturday morning arrives, do not have the “I ruined everything last night so who cares what I eat today” attitude. Another key concept of achieving results is getting right back on the wagon after taking a controlled step off it.

7. Don’t completely give up everything you love to eat.

Of course, you may have to make some adjustments and limit some problem foods like sugar and fast food, but treat yourself to your favorite things just once in awhile--everything in moderation! If you follow your healthy nutrition plan 85 percent of the time, there is wiggle room to have your favorite treats. Keep in mind that some of the best progress is made in the absence of being “perfect” as giving yourself some leeway (and occasional rewards for a job well done) leads to ease and sustainability.

I hope these seven strategies will help you with your goals. As mentioned previously, sometimes it’s not a case of knowing what to eat, but it’s employing strategies that will assist with sticking to the program. If you are looking for a nutrition plan to begin with, try booking your free consultation with our in-house nutritionist here!

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