Interesting Facts About the Incredible, Edible Egg

Interesting Facts About the Incredible, Edible Egg

There are so many ways to enjoy your eggs--scrambled, fried, poached, hard-boiled, added to fried rice or a burger, or even used in oatmeal for extra protein and a creamy rich texture (you'll see that recipe later in this blog). What you may not be aware of is that the egg yolk is so underrated and often demonized for having cholesterol, as well a lack of protein. Contrary to popular misconception, 45 percent of the protein found in the whole egg is actually located in the yolk! Not to mention, that egg yolk is filled with the most beneficial omega-3 fatty acids including DHA which is critical for brain health. And guess what, that type of fat can actually lower your bad cholesterol and raise your good cholesterol!

Back in 1968 the American Heart Association warned everyone to limit egg consumption to no more than three per week, due to its cholesterol content. Well, the thing is, different types of fats and cholesterol affect our own cholesterol in a variety of ways. 50 years of research has now shown that eggs yolks have little to no affect on our own bad cholesterol levels, and in fact, egg yolks can even raise our good cholesterol so it's a win-win. Because of this recent progressive research, along with a lack of evidence that points to egg yolks being detrimental to our health, the egg limitation guideline was actually lifted in 2015.

Since eggs are high in protein and healthy fats, while having no sugar or carbohydrates, they are (in my opinion) one of the best foods for weight loss. They will help to keep you full and prevent cravings as the macro-nutrient content stabilizes blood sugar levels. If you're not a fan of the typical egg on its own, let's talk about some ways that you may get more enjoyment out of the nutrition powerhouse. 

1. Scrambled with lots of add-ons.

Sautéing your favorite produce such as onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms to scramble with your eggs can do the trick...and if you need an extra flavor boost, just add some cheese!

2. Burger topper.

A bun-less burger with your favorite additions such as cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, and avocado is a filling meal in itself--for more flavor, topping your burger with a fried egg (and runny yolk) makes it that much more decadent.

3. Protein oatmeal

Now for this one, we do have to get rid of the yolk (unfortunately) since it will cook into a strange texture with the oatmeal, however, the whites will still pack a protein punch and add creamy texture. When the instructions on the oatmeal box call to cook the oats with a certain amount of water, cut that amount in half and add two egg whites and proceed to follow the box directions. It's as easy as that and you will love the rich texture. For even MORE protein that regular rolled oats, check out our own high-protein oatmeal here!

4. Make a hard-boiled egg mini sandwich.

Just boil an egg or two, slice in half, and sandwich some cheese and bacon in between the egg halves and voila! It's a whole breakfast you can easily take on-the-go!

Now, if you're a fan of traditional scrambled eggs but you like to pair them with a guilty pleasure item such as pancakes, you can take the guilt out of the pleasure with our high protein, low-carb and low-sugar pancake mix here. With all of these eggs-celent options, you're sure to find a way you can enjoy the highly nutritious and weight-loss friendly egg! 





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